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Inphase Integrity
Pipeline Integrity

INPHASE Integrity provides comprehensive pipeline integrity consulting and inspection services with specialized expertise.

The structural integrity of your pipeline system must be assessed on a scheduled basis to ensure the safety and reliability of your system. Proper pipeline assessments are necessary when internal or external damage has occurred to the pipeline that could possibly affect its integrity. We can assist by determining the necessary structured plan to assess and maintain your pipeline system.

Get the professionals on your side: pipeline inspection, corrosion control and remediation.

INPHASE’s knowledgeable assessment technicians understand the underlying need for site assessment and what the client requires to gain from the data collection – identifying potential threats to pipeline integrity. Our team measures and documents all anomalies, performs buffing procedures, interprets industry standard procedures on whether an anomaly represents a defect which should be repaired or replaced, and are well versed with the types of industry standard repairs. All data collected is entered into selective reporting software suitable for entry into your risk management or CEPA databases.